Truck Rentals

We have affiliated ourselves with U-Haul Co. of Canada in order to provide our customers with do-it-yourself moving.

Mapleview Self Storage has partnered with U-Haul of Canada to provide moving truck rentals. This makes the Barrie storage rental more valuable because you can use it for all your moving and self-storage needs.

The Value of a Moving Truck

While you might be able to use your own vehicle to get everything you need to a facility that offers self-storage in Barrie, a moving truck provides several advantages. You don't need to worry about damaging your car upholstery, for example. A moving truck also provides easier loading and unloading at the facility for self-storage in Barrie. A truck rental is cost effective and a great way to maximize the self-storage services already available to you.

When you make your plans to keep some items in storage in Barrie, consider how you are going to get them there. A moving truck rental might well be the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective method to deliver your goods.

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