How to Pick the Right Size Storage Unit

While you are looking for storage units Barrie, Ontario to hold your belongings, you should consider the question of size. Choosing a storage unit that matches your size needs requires a little bit more thought than you might initially believe, because you have to consider how frequently you need access to your property. There are a handful of logistics that you should consider, and each item has an effect on what sort of self storage unit in Barrie you choose.

Consider the Largest Items First

When trying to determine which self storage units will work best for you, start by taking precise measurements of your largest items. This will give you a good idea of the square footage that you need to have. From there, consider what boxes and crates can be stacked and what furniture has drawers that can store items. While you shouldn’t transport dressers or cabinets with items in the drawers, you can save space by storing property inside those pieces of furniture once you have moved them into the storage space. Having a good idea of the dimensions of your stored items, from largest to smallest, the an ideal starting point for planning the size of the unit you need.

How Often Do You Need Access?

If you only plan to put your items in storage so you can remove them a few weeks later as part of a move, you probably don’t need more space than is absolutely necessary in order to store your belongings. However, if you need long-term storage or expect that you will need access to your belongings before emptying the space, you should make sure to get a unit that gives you extra room. When you need to bring something out of storage, you don’t want to get stuck dragging old pieces of furniture out onto the lot to get at a crate tucked into the rear of the unit. For most situations, you should have enough space to access boxes and drawers without removing anything from the unit.

Use a Moving Truck as a Judge

If you still have doubts about the size of storage unit that you need, you can use a moving truck as a guideline. Remember that the truck size you need tends to run slightly larger than the storage space itself, since you need to account for space to move around within the trailer as well as hand trucks, pallets, and other moving essentials. When estimating space using a truck, take the trailer size and then choose a storage unit that is one size smaller than that. This should give you a very good estimate of your final needs. However, do remember to consider how much access you need once everything is in the unit, as outlined above.

A bit of planning and consideration can go a long way to making sure that you have the right size of storage unit for your needs. If you combine this planning with an educated choice on selecting the right storage facility for your property, you will set yourself up in a very good situation.