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Barrie Storage Units, Sizes and Prices

Our Barrie storage units come in many different sizes and price ranges, allowing you to choose the storage unit that fits your needs and budget. From indoor car storage units to smaller self-storage units, you can choose anything from a space for a few boxes to something capable of holding the entire contents of a home.

What to Look for in a Storage Unit

When shopping for self-storage units, make sure that you measure your boxes carefully so you can find a public storage unit that fits the dimensions you need and also gives you enough space to access it. If you need a unit for vehicle self-storage, check your owner's manual for the vehicle's physical dimensions. Make sure to provide enough room that you can comfortably drive into the self-storage facility while still having room to open the doors to exit.

Choosing storage units in Barrie is as easy as taking a simple measurement. The commercial storage units and other storage units at Mapleview Self Storage give you the array of options you need to be effective in storing your items.

Size Code Product Climate Rate
5x5x8 Drive up Non-Climate Controlled $85.00
5x5x8 Drive up Heated $110.00
5x10x8 Drive up Non-Climate Controlled $110.00
5x10x8 Drive up Heated $140.00
5x15x8 Drive up Non-Climate Controlled $130.00
5x15x8 Drive up Heated $165.00
10x10x8 Drive up Non-Climate Controlled $150.00
10x10x8 Drive up Heated $190.00
10x15x8 Drive up Non-Climate Controlled $185.00
10x15x8 Drive up Heated $235.00
10x20x8 Drive up Non-Climate Controlled $225.00
10x20x8 Drive up Heated $290.00
10x25x8 Drive up Non-Climate Controlled $255.00
10x25x8 Drive up Heated $330.00
10x30x8 Drive up Non-Climate Controlled $275.00
10x30x8 Drive up Heated $355.00